Amy Seabrook has three art interests which have followed her all her life. Her first interest is dance. She claims to be one of the strongest people on the planet because of her pursuit of strength and balance through East West Dance.   
Ms. Seabrook’s second interest is fine art paper-cuts. During breaks from rigorous dance practice in the 1980s, Amy created paper-cut artwork of nature and fairy tales which she continues today. 
   Her third interest is puppetry. During the 1993 turn-off-the-TV week in Salem, MA, Amy’s homemade puppets took to the stage. Each year she and her puppets film and perform classic fairy tales and shows about daily problems and solutions in the lives of children.
     Today on this website, Amy offers sign-ups for dance classes for children and seniors on Cape Ann, MA, reprints of her cut paper art, downloads of her puppet shows, and sign-ups for puppet show performances and workshops.

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Gloucester Daily Times 

‘adventurous’ learning
By Jonathan L’Ecuyer

The Gloucester Times

“The dance of tai chi”
Participants enjoy better balance, clearer minds
BY Times Staff Sep 10, 2015

“This is my favorite hour of the week,” said Kathleen Adams of Rockport. “It makes the air around me feel good. I look forward to seeing each person in our class — love the sharing of instruction and of thought. It heightens my awareness of everything — in a positive way. The balance is mental, as well as physical — that I feel we gain.